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Offshore Windmill farm in the ocean  Westermeerwind park 3 windmills isolated at sea on a

The appliances we install and maintain all run on electricity. That includes our heat pumps, dehumidifiers, ventilation fans, and heat pump water heaters. 


Because they are better! Better comfort, better safety, healthier indoor and outdoor air, and lower operating costs than other options. In addition, the electricity grid that supplies our energy is cleaner and cleaner every year!


If your existing comfort systems use fossil fuels such as methane gas, propane, or heating oil, the switch to electric appliances may involve some electrical upgrades. The process of switching to electric appliances is called “electrification.” Electrification is a powerful way for your household to take part in the shift to clean and renewable energy sources.

Some of our clients opt for the full electrification experience. Contact us for further consultation or recommendations for electric induction cooktops and ranges, using electric vehicles and installing charging stations, and/or solar panel installation in order to generate clean electricity on site. 


Read more about the how, what, and why of electrification in our CASE STUDIES, then, GET STARTED, by scheduling your own home performance consultation.

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