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Our projects start with a “home performance consultation.” ($500 for most homes). This is comparable to an initial consultation with a medical specialist who understands that your body and mind are a complex “system of systems,” and would never prescribe treatment without a thorough understanding of your situation. 

Homes are complex systems of systems, too. Your home’s comfort systems (heating, cooling, dehumidification, ventilation, and filtration) are at the heart of it all.

Our home performance consultation includes:

  • Let’s talk! We want to understand your goals, “must” haves, and “like to” haves. 

  • Preliminary diagnostic tests and inspections of your existing comfort systems

  • Computer software analysis of the expected heating + cooling needs of your home

  • Detailed report of our findings

  • Follow up video call for discussion


We can then provide customized recommendations, installation proposals, and when you’re ready, schedule the actual work.

Click here for an example report from an initial home performance consultation.

Click here to read “case studies” that demonstrate the range of our work.

GET STARTED, by scheduling your own home performance consultation. 

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